Why Amara at Paraiso is the Right Location for Your Private Event

Published On - 29 Nov, 2023

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Amara at Paraiso, located in the heart of Miami, is the perfect venue for you.

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled dining experiences is the soul of Amara at Paraiso. But the experience at our restaurant extends beyond cuisine. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure every guest has an enjoyable and memorable experience. For special occasions, you’ll find Amara at Paraiso, which has a variety of spaces to meet every need.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our stunning event spaces.

Imagine hosting your private celebration on our Outdoor Rooftop Terrace, a true gem perched above Biscayne Bay. With sweeping waterfront views that stretch for miles, this space is a showstopper designed for large private party events or semi-private seating for groups of 15 or more. The terrace, partially covered to shield against inclement weather, promises an unforgettable backdrop with the Miami skyline. With a reception capacity of 200 guests and seating for 100, it’s the perfect location for intimate wedding parties.

Main Dining Room

Our downstairs Main Dining Room is a dynamic space highlighted by the open kitchen’s wood grill and Josper charcoal oven. At one end, guests can enjoy cozy banquet seating, creating a vibrant atmosphere for large groups. With a reception capacity of 200 guests and seating for 100, this indoor space ensures the security of a weather-proof environment while still offering the beauty of outdoor views.

Indoor Rooftop Dining Room

For those who crave the luxury of celebrating indoors while savoring spectacular Biscayne Bay views, the Indoor Rooftop Dining Room is the quintessential choice. With a large bar, relaxed seating, and panoramic views, this space is perfect for birthday celebrations, corporate product launches, and food and wine pairing events. The reception capacity of 80 and seating for 45 make it an incredible location for a variety of events in a stylish setting with a stunning backdrop.

Total Venue Buyout

For those with a more expansive vision, the Total Venue Buyout at Amara at Paraiso offers a 4,500-square-foot indoor-outdoor space that effortlessly integrates with its tropical, bayside surroundings. The warm and inviting atmosphere draws the outside in, with whitewashed paneling, natural woods, and graphic concrete tiles. With a reception capacity of 800 guests and seating for 300, it is an ideal setting for large, private events. Steel stairs lead to additional dining spaces and a stunning rooftop terrace for even more variety.

Choosing the Right Space for Your Private Event

Choosing the perfect place for your special event is about finding a place that brings your ideas to life and makes your celebration unforgettable. As you search for the right spot, think about what makes an event truly special. You’ll want to look for a place that can be flexible for any occasion, has a cozy atmosphere that fits the mood, and a team that’s there to make your ideas happen.

Amara at Paraiso is the ideal choice for hosting your private event. There’s a perfect setting for any celebration with unique spaces like the stunning Outdoor Rooftop Terrace and the expansive Main Dining Room.

The cooking skills of our chefs bring a unique touch, creating a delicious experience that will impress your guests. The Amara team is dedicated to making your event memorable with personalized service. From choosing your menu to setting the scene, every detail is planned to exceed all expectations.

Are you ready to plan your private event? Contact us at Amara at Paraiso to learn more about holding your next private event at our incredible restaurant.

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