Ring in the New Year at Amara at Paraiso

Published On - 6 Dec, 2023
At Amara at Paraiso, we recognize the importance of ringing in the New Year with those who matter most—your cherished friends and family. Holidays spent at a table adorned with laughter, clinking glasses, and shared stories create a tapestry of joy and togetherness that sets the tone for the coming year.
Before the clock strikes midnight, let the promises of the New Year be underscored by the love and camaraderie of a shared experience with friends and family. Nestled in the heart of Miami, Amara at Paraiso beckons you to welcome the upcoming year in unparalleled style. With a chic ambiance, delectable cuisine, and an incredible waterfront view of picturesque Biscayne Bay, Amara at Paraiso is the perfect venue for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.

A Culinary Extravaganza

At the heart of the celebration lies a meticulously curated a la carte menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds. The menu features a fusion of holiday-inspired dishes that showcase the finest ingredients and flavors.
With an array of exquisitely prepared appetizers, entrees, and desserts, each dish is a testament to the culinary magic that defines Amara at Paraiso. From succulent seafood offerings to perfectly grilled meats, our menu is a symphony of tastes that promises to make your New Year’s Eve celebration truly unforgettable.
Complementing the delights is Amara at Paraiso’s impressive selection of wines and liquors. From classic champagne to handcrafted concoctions, our expert mixologists have crafted a special selection of signature cocktails and time-tested favorites. At Amara at Paraiso, you can raise your glass to toast the arrival of the New Year in style.

A Night of Unforgettable Moments Awaits

Join us for a night of great food, exceptional drinks, and the creation of cherished memories. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your dining experience, providing you with a New Year’s Eve celebration that surpasses all expectations.

Let’s raise our glasses to a New Year filled with prosperity, joy, and unforgettable moments. Don’t miss your chance to welcome the New Year with friends and family with Amara’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Reserve your table today and join us for a New Year’s Eve surrounded by the people who make your life truly beautiful.

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“Where to go in Miami. The Best Places to explore in Miami are not where you might think… Michael Schwartz’s Amara [is] right on the bay with a beach club setting, Latin American and coastal flavors.”

“2018 Restaurant of the Year”

“While being romanced by Latin American flavors from the kitchen of Executive Chef Michael Paley, patrons will get all the right vibes from Amara’s decor.”

“Grilled Atlantic shrimp. Banana leaf-wrapped cobia.
Coconut rum cocktails.
Yeah, you’re going to be there for a while.”

“I did my daughter’s engagement lunch here yesterday and it was absolutely fabulous food service and ambience!!!”
~ Cindy A.