Michael Schwartz Presents: Venezuela With Jesus Brazon From Caracas Bakery

Published On - 13 Jul, 2023

Our third installment of Amara and Friends featured Jesus Brazon from treasured Miami Bakery; Caracas Bakery. Caracas Bakery in Doral and MiMo Miami has quickly become a beloved bakery that offers a taste of Venezuela through its delicious bread and pastries. With Jesus Brazon at the helm, Caracas Bakery specializes in sourdough bread, croissants, pastelitos, and cachitos de jamón y queso, among other items.

The Doral bakery operates as a grab-and-go establishment, while the MiMo location offers the signature breads and pastries in a cafe setting. Guests can enjoy the products made fresh daily with flavors inspired by Venezuela and Miami, while also supporting a local immigrant-owned business.

We hosted the event on July 12th to a sold-out crowd! Guests were highly anticipating the collaboration between Jesus and the Amara team. The menu highlighted traditional flavors of Venezuela, with touches of modern creativity. Guest were delighted to enjoy uniquely drafted dishes such as the Tallegio Tequeno, Geoduck Tartar, Blood Sausage Arepa, Cachapa with poblano pepper and lump crab meay, Asado Negro Raviolo and Golfeado for a final sweet treat.

The event was co-hosted with Hispanic community leader Marvin Tapia, with 10% of all ticket proceeds from the dinner series going towards Viernes Culturales, a non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving Hispanic and Latinx arts and culture in Miami’s historic Little Havana neighborhood.

Guests were thrilled with their experience and raved about the series as a whole, looking forward for the next installment in August!

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