Yuca Cheese Puffs

parmesan cheese

Jalisco By Night

reposado tequila, ancho reyes chile, nixta licor de elote, tamarind agave, lime habanero tincture, salt

Port Of Miami Margarita

don fulano fuerte tequila blanco malamado malbec port sorel hibiscus liqueur china-china, lime

Dulce de Leche

hazelnut praline

Tuna Carpaccio

green papaya, cucumber, avocado aji verde aioli, puffed rice

Beef Tartare Arepas

vito’s stracciatella, paddlefish caviar, shaved black truffle

Calm Before the Coconut

rum, cachaca allspice dram, coconut pineapple, lime (served in a florida coconut)

Grilled Red Snapper

jasmine rice, toasted cashew, fresh herbs pickled vegetables, crispy onion, green curry, grilled lime

Arroz Verde

avocado, ancho chile romesco, grilled squash marinated kale, pickled vegetables, farm egg

Grilled Romanesco

tamarind glaze, salsa brava

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